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Have you ever had the sinking feeling that you would probably not be able to do something that you were supposed to do (or something that you want to do). I do. Perhaps I avoided my textbook readings for a course until the day before the exam and then realized that there was no way I'd be able to read all the chapters carefully. It involves the belief that I am not capable of performing particular behaviours (reading all chapters carefully). Now an important question : How would I belief affect my actual behaviour? Would I give up quickly and stop trying? A particular behaviour is required for a particular goal.

I would try to read some of the textbook chapters carefully but quit when I began to feel confused. Note that the decision to stop would occur in response to events that virtually I would experience in the situation. I feels confused when initially trying to read a large number of chapters. So, the goal will not be achieved.

If i am confident that I will be to perform necessary things to do well in a chemistry course, such as reading and understanding the textbook, completing assignments successfully, and solving questions on exams, I am more likely to enroll the course and more likely to stay in the course even if an early test goes poorly than if I lack confidence. Haha my first test for both organic and physic' chemistry were bad. When I have high self-efficacy, I interpret problems and failures as temporary and correctable - after all, I believe that I am capable of performing the necessary behaviours. This perception that failure can be overcome is associated with increased effort and persistence. Hehe.


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