Someone shud know what to read, what kind of books to choose, n is there any discussion shud be about the book..sindrom tak suka buku yang menular akan melahirkan masyarakat dengan inferioriti complex yang menebal...

yeh, maybe i'm reading to much n i don't really care bout what kind of books shud be, i'm also forgetting to discuss and study what the main point in the book itself..

whenever i had a time to read, i just believe that if only i want to discuss the book i must do it directly after finished the book, but if it longer than that, i can't even remember what's the whole story is about...that's point indicate how one's cud digest and keep the memory in mind..since that, after a few months and maybe a few years after that, i'll only remember the feeling read those book not about the content at all..

not to worry, i'm not english writer~never thought to be~


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