Do we really appreciate everything we have done before? The things we decide, the things we choose. When it is happen, sure we don't really have the guts to confront by ourself. So, we need friends and family, someone that we can believe to, someone that we can talk to. Anything. Not even a single word to be untold secretly.

Being 24 years old, I tend to believe more on the way we deal with people around. The important of trust, so nothing such a conflict would happen.

Lately, I hate the way we might underestimate others. Talk back. Stab back. Erggghhhh. Loyalty and honesty went down surely.

Guts. Guts. Show your guts. Don't show your weakness. Perhaps, believe that the other way round, we are not born alone, we need others too. So do the task given by Allah The Almighty, remember that.


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